Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tour last?
Each of our tours will last about one hour.
Do I have to make reservations to take a carriage tour?
While reservations are not required they are strongly recommended, especially when it comes to our specialty tours. We will sell out on busy days. You can purchase tickets online or over the phone at 843-853-3747.
Where does the tour go?
Our tours are conducted in the residential portion of Charlestons Historic District. The specific route is randomly assigned by the City of Charleston at the first stop after the carriage has departed. This ensures a balance and spreads touring vehicles evenly in the Historic District. We do not have any control over which route a specific carriage receives. All carriages in Charleston are regulated by the city, including private tours.
What is the difference between a private tour and a group tour?
A private tour means you have the entire carriage, typically our vis-á-vis, all to yourselves. The vis-á-vis seats up to four people. A group tour means that you are part of a larger touring group on a 16 passenger carriage. You can also reserve a large private carriage on one of our 16 passenger surreys if you have a larger group that would like to go without anyone else.
Can I reserve multiple carriages for a big group?
Yes you can. We offer discounted rates for reserving multiple carriages. Or, if you have a lot of guests in town and would like to offer them something special, you can purchase discounted "open" tickets that can be redeemed over a three day period. Contact our office for more details.
When are the tours available?
Tours leave about every 30-45 minutes throughout the day. The specialty tours leave at set times on certain days. We are open every day of the year except Christmas, one day in February for our annual barn cleaning, and one day in November (the day after our company oyster roast). We will also occasionally close for inclement weather, or if gets too hot for the horses to work.
How do I know if the tour time I want is available?
When you book your tour, there will be a menu of available tour dates and times. Because we are working with horses, tour times can fluctuate throughout the day. We ask that you check in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.
What happens if it rains?
Our carriages are covered, but if it rains you will get wet. If we deem it to be unsafe, then we will not run in the rain. If you do not want to ride in the rain you can choose to reschedule your tour or cancel the tour and get a refund.
Is parking available?
There are several pay lots in the Market area, just be aware that on weekends these lots can fill up very rapidly. You will find both all day and hourly lots available.
Can we pet the horses?
Our horses are very friendly and are used to getting attention, but bear in mind that they also weigh over 2,000 lbs. Never approach them where they cannot see you, and always ask before you pet a horse. Some horses may not be as friendly to strangers as others.