If you are hosting a wedding in or around Charleston, SC, chances are there is already a soft place in your heart for this beautiful and historic city. What better way to arrive or depart from the most important day of your life than in an elegant horse-drawn carriage? Classic Carriage Works is pleased to offer a wedding carriage service in Charleston, SC and throughout the southeast. Let us help you make your special day unforgettable. Book today!

Reservation Details

  • Availability: We offer off-site service to anywhere in the southeast.
  • Cost: Our rates for off-site service are determined by the duration of service, number/style of carriages involved, and the distance from Charleston we travel.
  • Reservations: Email reservations@classiccarriage.com for rates, availability, and further information.

Create A Fairytale Wedding

If you are getting married in or around Charleston, Classic Carriage Works can add a little magic to your wedding day. Schedule a private and unique carriage to whisk you away from your wedding and into the new life you’ve created together!

What To Expect

Your love is unique, your story is unique, and your wedding should be just as unique as you are. We pride ourselves in creating custom-tailored carriage services based on our customer’s request. We have several carriage options and horses that can accommodate your specific needs.

Simply send us an email at reservations@classiccarriage.com with the basic information for your event, and we will be in touch to discuss availability and rates. Please include the following in your email:

  • The service date and start time
  • The type and duration of service
  • The style of carriage preferred (Vis-à-vis or group carriage)
  • The address where the service will start
  • The address where the service will end

Treat Your Wedding Guests To A Tour

In addition to our wedding carriage services, we also provide a full range of specialty carriage tours in downtown Charleston, SC that could be perfect for entertaining your wedding party. We offer unbeatable large group tour discounts that are perfect for a destination wedding. We can even offer a special combo package deal that includes admission to the South Carolina Aquarium!

Why Classic Carriage Works?

Classic Carriage Works will add the special touch to your service that only our professionalism and experience can provide. We handle dozens of weddings each year and look forward to working with you on yours. Run out of one of the oldest stables in the country, we pride ourselves on clean, comfortable, and safe carriage rides and tours. We understand the significance of your wedding, and our meticulous carriage operators will be there to help make it a day you will cherish forever!

Book Today

Whether you just got engaged or are in the midst of planning your wedding, let Classic Carriage Works add an extra touch of magic and romance to your special day!