Top School Field Trip Ideas in Charleston, SC

Hands-on learning experiences make some of the biggest impacts on a child’s education. Getting out of the classroom allows them to apply the concepts they’ve been taught to the real world while having fun. Give your lesson plan some variety and excitement with these top school field trip ideas in Charleston, SC. You and your students will love switching up the usual routine!

Tour with Classic Carriage Works

A horse-drawn carriage tour with Classic Carriage Works provides an extremely engaging learning experience for your students. Excitement will fill the air as they board one of our unique carriages, and they’ll be awe-struck by our large Percheron horses that will pull them through the streets of downtown Charleston.

Along the ride, an experienced guide will explain the history of significant sites in a kid-friendly, captivating way to really hold their attention. Our tours are an hour long, which is the perfect amount of time to keep kids focused and interested—and we offer tours all day, from 9am-5pm, so it’s easy to work into your field trip schedule. There’s no better way to make history more exciting than a carriage tour!

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Visit Fort Sumter

A field trip to Fort Sumter is a great way to help kids experience history first-hand. A ferry ride past landmarks like the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the Battery, and Fort Moultrie will drop you off at this destination.

Fort Sumter is where the very first shots of the Civil War were fired. You’re free to explore the grounds and preserved fort ruins, and a Park Ranger would be happy to recount how the opening battle took place. A visit to Fort Sumter is truly an immersive, hands-on learning experience.

Explore Cypress Gardens

Develop your students’ love for nature with a trip to Cypress Gardens. There are so many attractions that this lush, beautifully preserved location provides for your group.

Embark on a Swamp Boat Adventure, meander through the Butterfly House, or explore the Swamparium. Each attraction showcases wildlife that’s native to the Charleston area. Your students will be completely enthralled by the chance to see everything from snakes and alligators to turtles and more!

Tour the USS Yorktown

The USS Yorktown is a notorious aircraft carrier that served from WWII to Vietnam. Now decommissioned, it is parked at Patriots Point in Charleston, SC and serves as an interactive museum! Visit the Engine Room to feel what it was like as a WWII technician, view its large gallery of decommissioned planes, and even explore the landing pad! There is so much history to learn on this magnificent craft.

The South Carolina Aquarium

There is a huge emphasis on marine life in Charleston. That’s why a trip to the South Carolina Aquarium is a great option for a field trip! With a museum-wide scavenger hunt, hands-on activities at each exhibit, and secret Sea Discovery Bins filled with artifacts and information cards, there are endless opportunities for learning. A trip to the South Carolina Aquarium is perfect for students of all ages!

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We hope this list of top school field trip ideas in Charleston, SC has been helpful! Consider Classic Carriage Works for your trip’s itinerary. Our helpful staff will be happy to assist you with booking or any other questions you may have. Our goal is to leave every student, teacher, and chaperone with a new appreciation for Charleston history. We look forward to helping you enhance your students’ learning experience!

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