The History of White Point Garden

While exploring the Charleston Battery, you may come across a quaint, quiet waterfront park known as White Point Garden. It’s tucked away under grand oak trees, yet offers stunning ocean views. However, it’s the history of White Point Garden that has allowed it to become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. Discover the rich past of this lovely historic landmark.

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How the Park Came to Be

The original settlement in Charleston was at Albemarle Point, known today as Charles Town Landing. However, you may be surprised to discover that the second major settlement was right here at White Point Garden.

A Few Name Changes

When colonists first relocated to this destination, they named the area Oyster Point. As you might imagine, the entire space was completely covered in oysters, but they had been bleached from the sun. Because of their stark white color, people later referred to the area as White Point.

By 1837, the area was officially deemed a public park, reinventing the name once again to its current title: White Point Garden. Landfill projects were carried out to replace the oysters with the beautiful greenery you’ll find there today.

Role in the Civil War

When the civil war broke out 24 years after the park’s designation, it was immediately used as fortification. Its prime location at the intersection of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers was imperative to the city’s protection. The role the park played in the war has influenced many of the current park features you can now see throughout the gardens.

Park Features

Here is everything you can discover at White Point Garden:

  • Civil War and Revolutionary War Cannons. History lovers will enjoy learning about the handcrafted cannons scattered throughout the park. However, one of the cannons is actually fake! It’s a popular game to try and discover which one is the phony. Plus, kids are welcome to climb on and interact with the cannons, meaning there’s fun for the whole family here.
  • Historic Monuments and Statues. As a tribute to the many historic events and people that made their mark on the area, you’ll find plenty of artful statues and monuments along the greenery.
  • The Gazebo-Style Bandstand. If you’re looking for a place to relax in the shade, there’s not a more perfect place than in the gorgeous gazebo. It was built in 1907 as a memorial to host local concerts.
  • Oyster shell pathways. In homage to its humble beginnings, the park was created with stunning oyster shell pathways.

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