What The Best Carriage Tours Do Differently

There are plenty of carriage tour companies in Charleston, SC. While at first glance they may seem the same, the best carriage tours simply do things differently. At Classic Carriage Works, we strive to be one of the best tour companies in the Holy City. Learn more about what makes us different, and book your tour today!

Nine Tour Types Offered

At Classic Carriage Works, we offer nine different types of tours to best meet the needs and interests of our guests:

  • Charleston History Tour. Our history tour takes you deep into the trials and triumphs of this fascinating city. Learn more.
  • Early Bird Special. Enjoy a morning tour to beat the Charleston heat, with a special discounted rate. Learn more.
  • Civil War Tour. This one-hour tour will give you an inside look at Charleston’s crucial role in the Civil War. Learn more.
  • Slavery To Freedom Tour. This unique tour provides a glimpse into the brutalities of slavery, the details of the Reconstruction, and the fight for Civil Rights. Learn more.
  • Adult Only Tour. Enjoy some quality adult time with our kid-free tour. Learn more.
  • No Young Children Tour. Another option to avoid other people’s children, although not as restrictive as the Adult Only Tour. Learn more.
  • Afternoon Tour. Embark on an afternoon ride through the bustling cobblestone streets. Learn more.
  • Large Group Tour. We are happy to accommodate large groups such as families, school field trips, corporate outings and more. Learn more.
  • Private Tour. Our private Vis-á-Vis carriage can add a touch of fun, romance, and creativity to your next special occasion. Learn more.

Couples, families, and anyone in between will find an exciting experience on the tour of their choice!

Superior Horses

Our carriage tours wouldn’t be possible without our amazing horses. We exclusively use black Percheron draft horses from the Ohio Amish Country, which are known for their superior size, strength, and intelligence. Each horse completes an extensive training regimen before we let them take the streets.

Our horses are also treated with the utmost care. To keep them happy and healthy, they only work for three hours per day, between five to six days a week. After each tour, we take their temperature and provide them with plenty of water to ensure they’re cool and hydrated. They also enjoy fun toys to play with during their off-hours! After six weeks of work, they enjoy a three to six-week vacation in the company’s expansive pasture, where they’re free to graze, run, and take a break.

Seasoned, Certified Tour Guides

Your tour guide is imperative to creating the perfect carriage tour. At Classic Carriage Works, all of our guides are certified, and the average experience of our guides is ten years. With their deep knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that our guides will provide you with the utmost detail as you pass important historical sites—and they’ll do it in a fun, friendly, and exciting way! You’ll have a much more enjoyable time interacting with a guide that knows everything about our beautiful city.

A Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Bigger isn’t always better. As a smaller tour company, we’re able to provide guests with impeccable service, retain our experienced guides for years, and take special care of our horses. We also have much more flexibility, so if you wish to customize your tour experience, fell free to contact us in advance to discuss your needs. At Classic Carriage Works, you’ll appreciate our authentic Southern hospitality that embodies the essence of Charleston.

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As you can see, the best carriage tours in Charleston really do things differently. You can expect only the best when you join us at Classic Carriage Works. Book your tour with us today to explore the beautiful and fascinating Holy City.

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