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An Inside Look at The History of Charleston

Settled in May of 1670, Charles Town was the oldest English colony south of Virginia. What was once a small town frequented by sailors, fur traders, slave ships, and pirates, would become one of the busiest harbors in the country, and the wealthiest city per capita in North America. The colony combined European, West African, and Caribbean cultures to form a vibrant and thriving city.

Charleston has withstood attacks by the French and Spanish, a blockage by the notorious pirate Blackbeard, the largest slave revolt in British North America, and the longest siege in our nation's history. In 1776 during the American Revolution, Charleston was the site of one of the first great victories of the war, as well as the worst defeat in 1780. As the "Cradle of Secession," Charleston led the country into one of the deadliest conflicts in American history with the firing on Fort Sumter in April of 1861. The Holy City has also endured fires, smallpox epidemics, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes throughout its lifetime.

Charleston's Resurgence into the Modern Era

Despite its long history of disaster and catastrophe, Charleston prevails as a city of grace, elegance, and charm. Given that the city's motto is "Aedes Mores Juraque Curat," which translates to "She guards her buildings, customs, and laws," it comes as no surprise that in 1931, Charleston became the first historic district in America. This passion for the wellbeing of the city has led to Charleston becoming one of the most-preserved cities in America. Tourism has revived the city over the decades, with Charleston receiving multiple awards for being a top travel destination in the world. Not to mention, Charleston is also one of the country's friendliest cities, as well as one of the culinary hotspots of America.

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